BIO-40 Probiotics

What is the MAKTREK® 3D ByPass Patented Technology? MAKTREK® 3D ByPass technology allows a targeted slow release of helpful organisms contained within stomach acid-resistant capsules, so that the good bacteria strains will reach deep into your intestine alive over the course of several hours. This increases the living good bacteria survival rate to a whopping 50% from 5-10% for other brands.

About the product
  • FAST ACTING – Potent Patented Formula of 40BILLION ultra colony-forming units per serving
  • 4 TARGETED MIRACLE MULTI BACTERIA STRAINS – Diverse strains for optimum health
  • 12 HOUR SUPPORT – Patented TIME RELEASE pills continuously release ingredients from AM to PM. Good bacteria strains will reach deep into your intestine alive.
  • RELIABLE – MADE IN USA in a GMP Certified Facility. HIGHEST STANDARD GUARANTEED – Trusted for ingredient safety, nutritional value and label accuracy.
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