5-HTP - Arazo Nutrition


About the product
  • EXTRA HIGH 99% PURITY: Super potent at 99% purity, unlike other brands with low 80% purity or less.
  • CALCIUM ENHANCED SUPER FORMULA: Extra 328mg of Calcium per serving greatly enhances deeper and longer sleep, and promotes greater tranquility and calmness.
  • HELPS YOU RELAX: Supports 5-HTP conversion in your body. Boosts benefits for immediate positive mood and sleep support.
  • RELIABLE: Made in a GMP certified facility in America and third party safety tested for purity. Highest standard; trusted for ingredient safety, nutritional value and label accuracy.
  • 120 capsules. 60 days supply. 200MG servings. 100MG per capsule of 5 HTP for easy swallowing.
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