L-Theanine - Arazo Nutrition


About the product

  • ★ EXTRA STRENGTH: Scientifically formulated with 250mg of L Theanine an amino acid known to stimulate Alpha brain waves, boosted with 100mg of Inositol a vital nutrient for your brain's major neurotransmitters.
  • ★ CONCENTRATE, STAY FOCUSED & ALERT: This powerful blend promotes a relaxed state without drowsiness, eases stress and everyday tension while supporting a positive mood and alertness. Increase your productivity and mental focus so you stay serene, on top of your game at all times!
  • ★ BE CALM & RELAXED: Helps soothe away tension, nervousness and social stress daily at work, school, community events and social gatherings. Enjoy a sharper mental focus and level headed calm in the midst of stress.
  • ★ IMPROVE SLEEP: Promotes tranquility for a better quality of sleep so you fall asleep easily, stay asleep longer and enjoy a better quality of rest.
  • ★ RELIABLE: MADE in a GMP Certified Facility in America and third party safety tested for purity. No caffeine so there are no crashes or jitters.

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